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I want to tell you about a great site that I have visited on several occasions. I had to go back several times because the site is filled with so much information. The site I am speaking of is Binkley Toys . This site has a very professional look to it. It is also very well designed and easy to navigate. If you love stuffed animals, especially bears, then this is the site to visit. I was impressed with the quantity of items to choose from and the detailed information. One page in particular provides you with detailed information regarding the materials that the stuffed bears are made of. Parents of young children will appreciate this. The diagram on the page explains what parts are made of and how the bear is constructed to protect the children you love. They make the products that they sell. One part that may interest you is the section where you can have Binkley produce a product for you. If you have an event such as a football game or company event that you want to promote using the team or company mascot, Binkley will produce the item for you. The process is very simple because they walk you through every step of it. A Mom, Dad or Team Coach with little or no experience in the manufacturing process could order a large quantity of their teams mascot and end up looking like a professional. They do make it very easy on you. This service would be a great way to promote your team, your company, or even a stuffed animal that you have a design for. Ordering a product form this site is very simple and again detailed information is provided to the visitor related to the sites online secure ordering system, which uses (SSL) Secure Socket Layer. Of course, those who are skeptical about online ordering have some other choices to place an order. One option is to print out the order form, fill in the ordering information and fax it to them. If you don't want to send your information via fax, then you can call their Toll Free Telephone Number. Yes, in our new technological revolution, you may still speak with real people. On the morning I called, there was no hold time. A friendly person answered the phone. I spoke to "Rob" after being transferred and was provided with information. My questions were asked promptly and I was very impressed. To be honest with all the readers, you should know that I had spoke with Rob via email and I did let him know that I was considering doing a site review. Rob didn't know that I was going to call or when I was going to do the review. Sorry Rob, but I wanted to provide everyone with a fair review. Not to worry, you came out on top. This is one of the longest reviews I have done in some time, but this is a great site. Customer Service is a big issue these days, because of the very impersonal voicemail and email Customer Service can be very frustrating. Rob assured me that all products have a 100 % money back guarantee. (See their site for more details). Not only that, but they will also repair the product sold to you for a nominal fee. If your new puppy decides to play tug-a-war with your child's, now favorite bear, Binkley's will send it to their hospital and fix it up I could go on all day about this site. The toys they sell are no antiques, but they are sure to be collectible now and when they do become antiques. Visit Binkley Toys Website today and look at the products they have and the quality service they provide. Collectors may even want to collect the whole family of stuffed animals they offer. This site truly deserves an A-Z Collectible Classifieds Five Star Award. Congratulations to Binkley and keep up the great service.

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