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Cross Collectibles Equal Value Times Two

What exactly is cross collectibles? Well it's not collectibles dressed in drag. A cross-collectible is any collectible that can be separated into two or more categories. A good example is a set of Goebel Figurines I bought at an antique shop. They are a little boy holding flowers and a little girl holding a valentine. This is a cross-collectible because they are collected by people who collect anything pertaining to Valentines Day and by those who collect Goebel or Hummel. Another cross-collectible might be the College Barbies. Barbie is a favorite and hot collectible at this time. Those who collect sports memorabilia may also want Barbie in their collection if the outfit she is wearing pertains to the school or team they collect. The list goes on and on for cross collectibles. Cookie Jars shaped like cows, Stamps with ducks on them, a Kennedy autograph could be collected under autographs, presidents, and celebrity memorabilia. Most cross collectibles are more valuable because they are more sought after. But be wary of any unscrupulous people who may tell you that a record of a John F. Kennedy speech is valuable. Not so, because there were so many made and everyone loved this man, so they were saved and treasured and can be found most anywhere. Do your homework and you will not be over paying anyone for them.

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