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May 1999 

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Finally after xxx years thanks to the 50 states programs act the quarter has a new look. Signed on December 1, 1997 by President Bill Clinton the 50 State Program Act was created to honor the 50 states that ratified the constitution and joined the union. Each state has it's own commerative coin and unique design which is voted for. The commerative coins are being released in the order that the states joined the union and is an ongoing program for the next 10 years with 5 commerative coins being released each year. The first coin of 1999 that was released was Delaware. This coin has George Washington on one side and on the reverse side depicts Caesar Rodney on Horseback. Delaware choose to honor Rodney on their coin because of his "historic ride to break the tie among delaware's delegates in favor of the Declaration of Independence" Pennsylvania the second state to ratify the constitution and join the union the quarter has also begun to be circulated and by summer you should start seeing more of them available. The Pennsylvania Quarter has the "Commonwealth," the statue which is atop the Pennsylvania capital dome, an outline of the state, the state motto and a keystone. This design was chosen because it will educate people about the founding principles of Pennsylvania which are xxx xxxx and xxxx. The is the Order that the coins will be released for 1999 delaware pennsylvania new jersey georgia connecticut Delaware for more information about these new quarters please go to

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