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I'm not much of a writer but thank you for allowing me to inform you of my collection. I have a collection of several hundred banks. I got started when I was a young boy. My grandfather gave me a mechanical bank that he had when he was young. The bank is a mechanical racehorse. It fascinated me as a young child, watching the horse run around the track and my coin disappearing. Of course, now that my grandfather has passed away, it holds a lot of sentimental value. I was always very close with him. I have several banks, mostly mechanical lined on shelves and anywhere else I can keep them. I try to keep most of them in enclosed cases because dusting them can be a pain. I also have a great deal of plastic, glass, and porcelain banks. I will someday pass this collection down to my grandson and let him experience the joy I have had collecting banks. Most of all, I hope he and I will experience the closeness that my grandfather and I had. My grandfather wanted me to have something to remember him by and now I will never forget him. (Fayetteville, GA)

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