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Ever have an old chair that just sat around collecting dust and you couldn't decide whether to throw it away or try to restore it? We have all heard of someone finding an antique chair worth thousands of dollars in someone's trash. You may have one of those treasures in your home. It may be an antique bed, chair, table, desk and so on. Well, before you start restoring it, you should check out this site Antique Furniture Restoration by Luis Stortini Sabor is a very informative site about antique furniture and wood. Mr. Sabor appears to an expert in the field of restoring antique wooden furniture. If you need some great help on this matter, you should visit this site. Mr. Sabor even provides systematically details of a project that he has personally restored himself. This helps even the beginner to realize how meticulous restoring antique furniture can be. The one draw back to this site is those annoying blinking email messages. I found it very distracting while trying to read. The overall design of the site could use some work, but to Mr. Sabor's credit, he does say that he specializes in antique wood restoration and not web design. I'm giving this site a four out of five star rating because where it lacked in design it was very generous in information. I tip my hat to Mr. Sabor for providing us the free information about restoring antiques. I would recommend this site to anyone who has antique furniture or is considering purchasing some. You can even send him an email if you have additional questions about restoration of antique furniture.

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