Advertising on A-Z Collectible Classifieds is ideal for any business pertaining to Antiques and collectibles for many reasons.

you have a very targeted audience. We are listed on hundreds of search engines around the world. We have visitors from all 50 states and from more than 25 countries and growing. People come here to buy, Sell and Trade collectibles. Because of our marketing strategies and our high search engine rankings, we have thousands of visitors browsing our ads who just want to buy antiques and collectibles. These people are your potential customers. It doesn't matter if your a small at home business of a large auction house. Visitors to your site is potential profits in your accounts.

we offer a variety of services to our visitors at no cost to them to help them find your business. Many people travel the country looking for small antique shops while they are traveling just to purchase unique antiques. We provide them with a list of names and addresses of businesses that are on the route they are traveling. They may pass your shop because you are two blocks down the street and not on our list.

our advertising rates are low enough and affordable enough for anyone to afford. One customer sent to you could result in hundreds of dollars of profit on one sale and add up to thousands once they gain your trust as a reputable dealer. Imagine the profits you could gain from ten visitors or more that buy from you. Can you afford $25.00 a month to advertise? Or can you afford not to advertise here? Take a look at our rates and then visit our online order form to get you started.
Advertising on A-Z Collectible Classifieds is easy and affordable. Whether you own an antique or collectible store or do business online, we can help your customers find you, quickly and easily.

Collectible Classifieds is Moving November 1, 2001! We have been online since 1997 and have enjoyed thousands of visitors. We are now upgrading our classifieds to be fully automated. This means that you will be able to have full control over your ad and change it any time you want. In addition, insted of your email address being posted on our site, a person responding to your ad can fill out a form. After November 1, 2001, these pages will be linked to our new pages. You may start placing and browsing ads at our New Location immediately. We hope that you will enjoy the new Collectible Classifieds. All Vendors and events should be posted to our new classifieds as well. Posting Antique & Collectibles Shows & Events is still Free.
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